Juan Cofield, NEAC’s president writes, ” for the last few years, NEAC’s leadership has focused a major portion of its advocacy on improving the quality of education in the communities we primarily serve and on closing the education achievement gap.  With our advocacy in mind, I am calling your attention to a series of articles the Boston Globe will publish over the next two years. “

The Globe has launched a two-year initiative called The Great Divide to explore the deep inequalities in our public education system, examining both the challenges and possible solutions to creating equal opportunity for all students. This newsletter will update you on our investigative findings, with links to stories and other relevant information. If you know of anyone interested in this subject, tell them they can sign up for this newsletter here.

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Also from President Cofield, ”  While I have your attention, I will point out a recent change in the Boston Globe’s policy.   It, like most major publications have been spelling Black, referring to the race of people with a small “b,” over the consternation of lots of folk.   It recently came to its senses and began spelling Black, when referring to Black folk, with a capital ‘B.”  One down, many more to go. “