A message from District Superintendant Peter Dillon

COVID-19 has had a big impact on our economy and our ability to hire for both full and part-time positions.  In addition, because we are all carefully monitoring our health and potential symptoms, we have a greater need for substitutes.

If you have the time and interest, we would love for you to consider applying for full-time positions in food services, as custodians and paraprofessionals, and as day to day and long term substitute teachers.  The full-time positions have great benefits.

Here are some of the starting rates:

  • Paras:  $15.00/hr.
  • Food Services:  $15.00/hr.
  • Custodians:  $15.00/hr.
  • Secretaries:  $15.00/hr.
  • Substitute Teachers/Substitute Nurses:
    • non-certified regular day subs:  $110/day
    • certified, formerly certified or BHRSD retired teachers: $125/day
    • nurses:  $150/day
  • Long-term substitutes:
    • Days 1 – 10:  per diem of BA Step A ($248.38/day)
    • Days 11 to end of LTS assignment: up to per diem of Masters Step E:  ($320.76/day) (based on experience)

Here’s a link to openings , and here are links to applications.

You can reach out to Doreen Twiss in my office at 413-298-4017, 719 or doreen.twiss@bhrsd.org.