Jamal Watkins, NAACP VP for Civic Engagement invites members of our branch who work on elections and/or census to a Special Strategy Session focusing in on elections and census advocacy in a Covid-19 reality. 

  • We know this is short notice but we needed to get through the advocacy period last week for the recently passed Stimulus Package which now after analysis has clarified what we are fighting for moving forward. 
  • Please feel free to share this with your trusted allies and partners within your community who are also working in the election and census space.



  • Welcome and Opening Remarks:
  • Jamal R. Watkins
  • Vice President of Civic Engagement, NAACP
  • National Advocacy Update:
  • Derrick Johnson
  • President and CEO, NAACP
  • State and Local Election and Census Advocacy Panel: 


We have created a guidepost house on our website that we will be unpacking in detail: https://naacp.org/coronavirus/voter-access-and-participation-during-coronavirus-pandemic/