Each year I have the honor and pleasure of giving out the Massachusetts Association of School Superintendents Academic Excellence Award at one of the October School Committee meetings.

This year our two winners are two young women who epitomize intellect, work ethic, and care for their fellow human beings. As usual, I think all of us in the room were overwhelmed with the accomplishments and humility of these two women.

Trisha Victor is senior at Taconic High School, her PHS counterpart, Katherine Dumigan is also a senior. Trisha came up through Morningside and Reid, while Katherine was an Egremont and Herberg student.

Last night we had the very special opportunity to see each of these young people with their elementary principals–Judy and Joe. This picture and this moment serve as a tremendous reminder that behind every single successful student is a family tree of educators who helped support, build, and grow the soon to be graduates in front of us. Every single employee in a school building has a hand in the success of our children.

Thanks to everyone who helped educate these two powerhouses…and congratulations to them and their families.

Jason P. McCandless, Ed.D.