Black-centered Organizations – Berkshires

Berkshire Black Economic Council

“Our objective at the Berkshire Black Economic Council is to foster Black businesses and introduce policies to spur economic development in the Berkshires and the Commonwealth.


“Services include cultural​ literacy and cultural competence ​training; consulting, facilitation; youth leadership; multicultural education; parent engagement and education; civil rights and social justice forums and advocacy with diverse groups. We facilitate cultural competence programming in schools and institutions to promote equity and to educate on systemic racism and cultural barriers, and are designated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a vendor in the Supplier Diversity Program in the spirit of the Affirmative Market Campaign.”

R.O.P.E (Rites of Passage and Empowerment)

“The mission of ROPE is to celebrate and honor the entry of adolescent girls into womanhood and provide them with skills and knowledge that they need to be successful, independent and responsible women. It is designed to help participants discover their inner voice and support all components of personal development.”

Samuel Harrison House

“It is the mission of the Samuel Harrison Society to restore and preserve Reverend Harrison’s homestead; use it as a place to teach the values embodied in his noble life, his enduring beliefs, his extraordinary writings; and to define a chapter in the story of us as a people by providing greater insight into African-American history.”

W.E.B. DuBois Center for Freedom and Democracy

“The mission of the W.E.B. Du Bois Center for Freedom and Democracy is to educate the public about the life and legacy of civil rights pioneer W.E.B. Du Bois and the rich African American heritage of the Berkshires.”

Women of Color Giving Circle

“to inspire and provide funding and education to women of color. We seek to build self-respect, self-reliance and resilience from girlhood until womanhood.”