Have Your Family’s Voices Heard!

Why is the NAACP, Berkshire County Branch conducting this survey? The information collected provides the NAACP, Berkshire County Branch Education Committee with a clearer understanding of what communities in the Berkshires want concerning education, equity, and other areas. Having this information better positions the NAACP Education Committee and its future work.

NAACP, Berkshire County Branch Education Committee Mission

To ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of all rights for all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination.

Education Committee’s Purpose

To take action with an intentional focus on the NAACP “game-changers” to build community around:

  • education,
  • expanded youth and young adult engagement,
  • advocating/defending/protecting the equality for all persons in the Berkshires,
  •  advocating for progressive change through the collection of data, dissemination of information, influencing policy, and being timely in our response to major issues of injustice in Berkshires, Massachusetts, and the country,
  • supporting and advocating for individuals who experience specific incidents of discrimination,
  • and advocating that systems, structures, and policies be in place to help create equal opportunity for all persons by using legal instruments, written and verbal advocacy, moral authority, and direct action when necessary, to challenge those in positions of power in the community.