Breathing and Relaxation Techniques to become Zen

Breathing and other relaxation techniques can help each of us in our everyday lives. Breathing exercises can help us simply fucking relax.When we incorporate other relaxation techniques with our focused breathing, we can relax our bodies even more. In this workshop we will focus on breathing techniques, body scans, and guided meditation to learn to chill the fuck out when we are stressed out.

1 Introduction to workshop – 5 minutes
2 Breathing exercises with body scan – 5 minutes
3 Fun activity – 15-20 minutes
4 Zen guided meditation – 15 minutes
5 Final closing remarks and check-ins – 10 minutes
6 I will ask everyone who is willing to fill out a feedback
form at the end to help me continue to improve and
expand these workshops!!


Sep 16 2019


07:00 PM - 08:00 PM


Tyler Street Lab
730 Tyler Street, Pittsfield, MA, USA
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