General Membership Meeting

Presentations by Berkshire County DA,  Raise Up MA,  and Massachusetts Is Not For Sale

Berkshire County DA  Andrea Harrington  will speak about her Blueprint for Safety and Justice.   

Raise Up MA will join us to speak about the Fair Share Amendment ballot measure:  a proposal to amend the Massachusetts Constitution, creating an additional tax of four percentage points on the portion of a person’s annual income above $1 million. The new revenue, approximately $2 billion a year, would be spent on “quality public education and affordable public colleges and universities, and for the repair and maintenance of roads, bridges and public transportation.” To ensure that the amendment continues to apply only to the highest income taxpayers, who have the ability to pay more, the $1 million threshold would be adjusted each year to reflect cost-of-living increases.”    

Massachusetts Is Not For Sale will join us to speak about their opposition to Massachusetts HB 1234  the Gig Bill and the campaign by Big Gig employers (Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, etc.) to rewrite long-standing Massachusetts law to exclude hundreds of thousands of workers—disproportionately Black, brown, and immigrant workers—from fundamental rights and protections. 

All members will receive email with the Zoom link prior to the meeting. If you are not a member and wish to attend, send a request to


Mar 02 2022


06:00 PM - 08:00 PM




NAACP, Berkshire County Branch
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