We Speak Out

One of our goals is to be timely and thoughtful in response to major issues of injustice in the Berkshires, the region, and the country.

Below are links to letters, op-eds, and other statements from the Executive Committee, other Committees, and on occasion individual members in response to issues that have arisen.

July 4th reflections on Douglass and keeping up fight for equality, an op-ed written by President Dennis Powell and published in the Berkshire Eagle on July 3, 2021

Read in the Berkshire Eagle The 4th of July

President Dennis Powell is a participant in James Mars Day on May 1, 2021 in Norfolk Connecticut. https://youtu.be/P9z8CXMa3Ro

Letter to the Editor from Executive Committee member Kamaar Taliaferro “A Black Woman Leading Pittsfield Public Schools would be a boon for underrepresented kids” March 18, 2021

Branch President Dennis Powell is featured in the Berkshire Eagle’s “Executive Spotlight” October 23, 2020