White Learning Circle

An invitation to white members

Racism is not the shark in the water, racism is the water”

The most important step white people can take on the journey to live as an anti-racist is to become well versed in the history of racism – its origins and its consequences. NAACP Berkshire County is organizing a White Learning Circle to facilitate and support this learning for white members.

NOTE: membership is now FULL. If you think you might be interested in a future group, please let us know.

Keep reading, if you are interested in:

  1. broadening your understanding of the perspectives, experience, and history of Black and other marginalized people in the United States;
  2. understanding the systems that operate at all levels of our society as oppressive forces;
  3. exploring your own unconscious biases;
  4. considering both the role of white people generally and your own personal role in combating white supremacy.

We are forming a learning circle of at least 5 and no more than 12 people to study through reading and discussion and to support each other in finding our way to combat white supremacy.

The group will begin in October 2020 and meet bi-weekly for 90 minutes, through May 2021- 16 sessions in all. We would like 100% attendance at every session.

Members are expected to spend significant time between each meeting reading background material (1 poem, 1 book, daily newsletter) and preparing for participation in the meeting.

Meeting time: Sunday 3:00-4:30 PM Location: Zoom – at least until January 2021

Expectations for members

  • Prioritize the work in your daily life
  • Attend every meeting
  • Prepare for every meeting
  • Participate by active listening and honest, constructive speaking
  • Share leadership/ facilitation

You can find detailed information about the learning circle by down loading the syllabus and reading list (see below)

After reviewing this material, if you wish to make a commitment to participate in the learning circle, please send an email to:

naacpberkshirecounty@gmail.com SUBJECT: WLC

If commitments exceed the number of spaces, we will fill the spaces in order received.