White Learning Programs

The White Learning Circle (WLC) is an immersive program for a small group (10 -12) of participants. It meets every other Sunday afternoon from 4:00 to 5:30 PM from October through May.

The content of the program provides a comprehensive overview of a wide range of issues that are important in understanding racism and the legacy of slavery in the United States. Key among them are those deemed by the NAACP as “game changers” because of the strength of their impact on Black people.

For each session, members come prepared by having read one or more of the books listed in the syllabus. Two members serve as co-leaders for each session. For many sessions, a Black Mentor attends for the final half hour.

Here is the full syllabus for the next White Learning Circle (which begins October 1, 2023) with complete information and schedule.

The White Learning Partners (WLP) program offers structure, support, and connection with others while providing time and content flexibility.

Participants in this program design their own learning plans and schedule. Each participant is teamed with one or two others in partnerships for mutual mentoring and support in working through their individual plan. The complete program is presented in a Handbook and supplemented by a resource packet.

The program runs from October through May. Partners meet monthly to share their learning experiences. There are 3 meetings for all participants (Oct., Jan., and early June)

Below are the handbook and the resource packet.

If you are interested in participating in either of these programs send an email to naacpberkshirecounty@gmail.com and put “WHITE LEARNING” in the subject line

Deadline – NO LATER THAN September 25, 2023.