Bring your pots and pans, drums, noisemakers of all kinds!
Bring signs if you like, or use one brought by BEAT! 

(sign ideas below)
Tell your story of what climate and environmental justice mean to you.

Join us, BEAT, NAACP-Berkshire Branch and Mass Power Forward, in calling on our legislators to wake up and do more for environmental and climate justice! This is just one of over 10 rallies happening simultaneously across the state. We’ll be sharing on social media to send to Legislators and members of the Conference Committee currently crafting climate legislation.

Air Quality! Siting Reform! Housing Justice and Retrofits! 100% Renewable Energy! Just Transition for workers! Indigenous Justice! 

Background on the where we are in the session:

-Senate did their energy policy package, the House did Wind

-House tried to put together a package, but decided “not enough time”, just go to conference committee

-We are pushing for more in the conference committee.

  • Missing action on:
    • Air Quality Bill – (S.1447/H.2230) & Amendment S.2842, Section 76
      (only got half amended onto the Senate Package)
    • Siting Reform – (S.2135/H.3336)
      (extended but stuck in TUE)
    • Building Justice with Jobs – (S.2226/H.3365)
      (almost got amended into Senate, didn’t get out of TUE, got out of other committee)
    • 100% Clean Electricity, Housing & Transportation –  S.2136/H.3288
  • Also 
    • Need to keep good biomass language in Senate version – (H.3333)
    • Need to stop the “future of gas” (DPU20-80, utility controlled process, they’re only proposing ways to extend use of combustible gases …)
    • Just transition
    • Housing Justice
    • Indigenous Justice

Here is the full list of bills on a letter we delivered in May.

We must show up so our leaders know that we demand climate action now. The conference committee is deliberating this month and aim to have their mash-up bill out any day now. Now is the time to make noise, together in community.


  • WAKE UP! Time is running out
  • WE WANT CLIMATE JUSTICE! (« this will be a sing along during the rally)
  • Act Now for Climate Justice!
  • We All Need Clean Air
  • 100% Renewable – energy, housing, transportation
  • Siting Justice – Good ideas, built in appropriate places
  • Jobs with Justice – Clean Energy Opportunities for ALL

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