How We Work

As a Branch of the NAACP, we take our guidance from the By-Laws for Units of the national organization in terms of our structures and processes. See 

Our work is carried out within a committee structure that adheres to the National guidelines and is led by an Executive Committee consisting of officers, at-large members, and committee chairs. Officers and at-large Executive Committee members are elected by the membership in accordance with procedures outlined in the By-laws. Committee chairs are confirmed by the Executive Committee based on experience and commitment to our work.

The Executive Committee and the General Membership meet monthly. The Executive Committee sets the agenda for General Membership meetings which may include Committee reports and special programming as appropriate to the work of the Branch.

In addition to the Executive Committee, the following committees are established to carry out the general operations and to further the mission and vision of the Branch:

Any member may serve on a committee. To get involved, send an email to expressing your interests and you will be connected to the committee chairs.

The NAACP is an inclusive organization – all who are interested in supporting and furthering our work are welcome to join. Because of our history and mission, the Branch has made a commitment to ensuring that leadership is primarily – but not solely – vested in Black members. Read the Branch’s full mission statement here.